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Authority and duties of the Committee

The authority and duties of the Committee are set out in Provincial and Federal Legislation. Section 5 of the Provincial Court Act establishes the Family Court Committee. The Youth Justice Committee is appointed pursuant to Section 18 of the Federal Youth Criminal Justice Act.

The mandate

The mandate of the committee is to be aware of the circumstances of youth and families who may come in contact with the  justice system by:

  • liaison with frontline service providers at monthly meetings,
  • educating the public and elected officials,
  • obtaining youth and family input,
  • reviewing family and youth legislation,
  • monitoring court hearings and custody facilities
  • making recommendations to appropriate legislative bodies

Most recently, observations and public petitions have encouraged a more pro-active stance, particularly in matters contributing to youth delinquency.

Sub-Committee Chairpersons:

Contact Information

Email the Committee Secretary:

Fax:  Attention Chair Cynthia Day, 250-478-7516

Twitter: @VicFCYJC

Victoria Family Court and Youth Justice Committee
c/o Colwood City Hall
3300 Wishart Road
Colwood, BC V9C 1R1